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I have a team of trusted professionals who can help you with all aspects of your business

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why go freelance?

The sky is the limit...

There are so many benefits to using a freelance professional instead of hiring an employee

For as little as 2 hours per week you can have access to someone with an extensive skillset, invaluable advice and a support network – we are entrepreneurs just like you!

Going freelance represents a cost SAVING, not only can you secure a highly skilled individual for only a few hours a week (which wouldn’t be a very attractive “job”) – your hourly rate is all you pay…..with no annual leave entitlement, tax, NI or other costs

What we do

01. Business Management

Struggling to focus on the bigger picture because you are bogged down by the daily running of your business?

We can help!  We have experience of implementing time saving systems and procedures, as well as providing another skilled professional to “run” things while you take a step back

02. Virtual Assistance

Karen started as a Virtual Assistant, a catch all title which saw her doing everything from marketing to management. 

We now have a team of Associate VAs, skilled in multiple disciplines, ready to help your business grow and thrive. Virtual Assistance can be agreed from as little as 2 hours per week

03. Advice & Guidance

Just need someone to bounce ideas off? 

If you are a solopreneur it can be really hard finding like minded people who know what they are talking about to have a give you the right advice.  I can be a “second set of eyes” on your business – providing guidance from years of working across many industries

Testimonials that speak volumes
"Without prompting, Karen alerts me to issues I may not have noticed and is great at responding to customers. She also has a great sense of humour... what more could you want "
Kimba Cooper
Kimba Digital
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